How to Join SERIIUS

Application Process

If you want to apply for SERIIUS Membership, follow the steps below:

1) Fill out the Membership form and email to Dave Ginley, Kamanio Chattopadhyay, Bill Tumas, Pradip Dutta, and Marisa Howe.

2) Schedule a meeting with the Director in your respective country:

3) Return the signed SERIIUS Multi-Party Non-Disclosure Agreement to the NREL Point of Contact. Note that at this time, this agreement is non-negotiable.

4) Your application will be reviewed by the SERIIUS Leadership team, Industry Board, and Council.

5) Upon approval, you will receive a letter of invitation, which will include the Intellectual Property Management Plan for you to sign. (Note that at this time, this IP Management Plan is non-negotiable.)

6) Develop a Statement of Work with your point of contact.

7) In the U.S., for cost-share-only partners, a Memorandum of Agreement is required and is facilitated through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

8) Return the signed IP Management Plan and signed Memorandum of Agreement (in the U.S.) to NREL Point of Contact and begin work.

Cost-Share Information

For the United States: Cost-share—including cash and third-party in-kind—must meet all of the following criteria:

For India: Cost-share calculations for academic or industry partners can be discussed with Professors Kamanio Chattopadhyay or Pradip Dutta at IISc-B.

Contact Information

Please contact any of the following SERIIUS leaders to discuss membership.





Kamanio Chattopadhyay

India: Co-Director

Office: 91 80 22932262

Pradip Dutta

India: Managing Deputy Director

Phone: 91 80 2293 3225, 3361, 3362, 2831

David Ginley

US: Co-Director

Office: 303-384-6573
Cell: 720-375-4240

Bill Tumas

US: Managing
Deputy Director

Office: 303-384-7955
Cell: 720-362-0270
Personal Cell: 505-670-7430