SERIIUS Research Thrusts

SERIIUS' three research thrusts ensure high-impact research and development to address key technical barriers in solar electricity generation. These thrusts and their associated activity areas provide the framework for an initial set of consortium and core projects. The objectives of the thrusts and activity areas are described below.

Graphic of a matrix that shows research thrusts in three columns. Below the thrusts are activities: three in the Sustainable Photovoltaics thrust, three in the Multiscale Concentrating Solar Power thrust, and two in the Solar Energy Integration thrust. At the bottom, below each thrust, are two stacked boxes - one labeled Consortium Projects and the other labeled Core Projects.

Sustainable Photovoltaics: Develop next-generation materials, devices, and manufacturing processes tailored to India's needs, environment, and resource availability. The three activity areas are:

Multiscale Concentrated Solar Power: Overcome critical science and engineering challenges for reliable multiscale (including small 25–500 kW) concentrating solar power systems. The three activity areas are:

Solar Energy Integration: Identify and assess key technical, economic, environmental, and policy barriers to enable a research agenda for technical readiness in India and to benefit the United States. The two activity areas are: